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Size: 81 x 100 x 2 cm
Price: 450 € + shipping expenses 

Technique: Mixed media on canvas. Acrylics, chalk spray paint, Powertex, texture paste, sand. Edges painted black. Matt-finish protective varnish on top. Ready to hang. 
This work is full of explosive energy and the contrast between hot and cold. Turquoise and deep teal colours battle with rusty browns and peach tones. The canvas is heavily structured and layered with texture paste and sand formations to create a form that seems ruptured and volatile. Blacks and greys add a charred look to the construction. Matt-finish protective varnish on top.

Jenna Myllykoski

Jenna Myllykoski is a Finnish artist who paints contemporary mixed media abstracts on canvas. She works mainly with acrylic paints, inks, sprays, sand and any materials she can create unique textures and structures with.

Above all, Jenna loves freedom of expression and often likes to discover new ways and techniques of spreading paint on canvas. Sometimes she has a precise plan, other times she lets her intuition and movement guide her - no limits. 

Jenna's finished paintings are often different from what she initially expected because each layer of paint guides her to the next phase until all the pieces come together in the end. The process of transformation and elements of surprise are something that she finds endlessly inspiring. 

Jenna is a dreamer by nature. In the crazy world of today, painting is a way for her to simultaneously lose herself in a far away dreamland, and to live in the moment. A way to escape - or to return to whom she always was.

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