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"A Portal to Unknown"

Size: 30 cm x 30 cm,
Price: 350 EUR (A print on acrylic glass)
Price: 100 EUR (A print on A3 photo paper (without the frame)

if you are interested in getting a print in a bigger format, please contact me via email. We can discuss more about the price and the printing methods.

Riikka Korpela

My name is Riikka Korpela (FIN) and I graduated from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences as a Visual Artist in 2012. I live and work in Berlin. I enjoy using photography, digital art, collage and printmaking as techniques in my work. I like to document my surroundings in Berlin and transform them to surreal landscapes inhabited by unreal creatures. I use bright colors and strong contrast in my artwork. The artworks are like a psychedelic journey to another world. I have been interested in fairy tales and mythologies since I was a child. In my work, interest in the sci-fi and fantasy worlds can be seen. I am interested in stories about time travelling, other universes and the depths of the human mind. Recently, gates, teleports and time machines have begun to appear in my work.

I love to document big cities and especially Berlin because the city is constantly changing to something else. I also try to show to the viewers how to see the environment in many different ways. In my artworks, there are many elements that are familiar to us but at the same time it feels that the pictures are from another dimension or a world. My works have been exhibited in Rome, New York, London, Milan, Berlin and Helsinki.

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