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"Modern People"

Size: 282CM X 242CM
Price: 1,600$ 

Technique: Digital collage
"Endless self-defense has been the reason for slow steps."Life was to get tired alone because I couldn't get out of the shell of one space, and eventually to get old and disappear.

The Modern People looks at people living in the same era. Maybe it's a story about the nature that we all want to hide. We already know. The world is not as beautiful as I thought. It's a mud bath full of hate rather than love. They just turn away and dig deeper into their shells.

The work of Modern People is a self-portrait, a portrait of all of us. It's a story about us who are busy but slow to walk.


Dongho-Kim, Artist Name : Sagum. Republic of Korea It's a writer who expresses what he or she experiences and feels while smelting his or her life.

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