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Size: 225CM X 225CM
Price: 2,500$

Technique: Digital collage
Sagum(砂金) is gold dust in Korean. It means that a small piece is obtained through numerous smelting, The small piece of it shines more than anything else.  
"Life is a process of smelting. Over the course of your life, you can break it down, cut it off, and melt it, creating a gem of meaning about life."  

The Smelting series is the identity series of the artist Sagum. It's an annual self-reflection process, and it's a series that contains all the significance of the work.  

I categorize my life into categories of refinement and search for my ego through questions and answers that I throw at myself. I will spend my whole life trying to separate and decompose it, stamp it down and melt it, and make a single metal shape.  

The fragments of memories smelted and derived from themselves own the emotions of the time. I describe this visually and describe my work as "what only I can do."

This is the second series of Sagum's smelting series.


Dongho-Kim, Artist Name : Sagum. Republic of Korea It's a writer who expresses what he or she experiences and feels while smelting his or her life.

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