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"023 SIM_Scenery #2/10"

Size: 7016 px x 9922 px
Price: 0,15 ETH 

Technique: digital painting (started from physical painting)
When anxiety is reflected in the wet water, there are only questions floating in the dark sky. My steps keep falling in thought, and I'm not sure where I'm going. It was sometimes lovely to see a leaf swaying on a dried branch. The early dawn arrives after a long period of observation. Things I noticed when the sky was purple with clouds I give you my reservations lightly even closing my eyes makes it difficult. My faith, quietly revealing my significance, lest it be taken away. Things that used to bother me are strangely fading away. 'Giving birth to a life is giving birth to a death.' The series SIM_Scenery stems from this realization.SIM_Scenery works depict the 'the scenery of purgatory', an afterlife space between heaven and hell, before life and death.SIM_Scenery, starting from the analog production process, is completed digitally rather than as a physical original that can be destroyed.

The scenery of purgatory is made by imitating the appearance of the present world, and 023 SIM_Scenery #2/10 shows purgatory in the form of '의심(疑心, doubt)'. Between reality and purgatory, when doubts about this world bloom and spread like hallucinations. 023 SIM_Scenery #2/10 expresses the oriental landscape painting of ‘purgatory of doubt’ with psychological colors.

SIM Moby

SIM_Moby, a car, graphic and fashion designer and digital painting artist who works both online and offline in Japan.

He is currently working in Japan as an interior designer for automobiles at TOYOTA BOSHOKU, the seat department of the TOYOTA Group.

SIM_Purgatory is a painting project inspired by the notion that "Giving birth to one life is same as giving birth to one death." The space before having life/death, which includes themes such as the responsibility of giving birth, the vanity and splendor of life, and death. It symbolizes 'purgatory.'

The first creation process is completed with a pen and marker, and the work is then completely reconstructed digitally by scanning it, and the second color is completed. These two stages of work are translated as "the way of observing purgatory" and "the way of being in purgatory," respectively.

Working with physical materials, such as oil paintings, can be destroyed. Because 'life' is a finite thing that will one day vanish like this physical artwork, all of SIM_Moby works are digitally completed to express purgatory, where life and death do not exist.

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