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All our Norwegian courses have skilled and experienced educators that provide personalized tutoring throughout the courses. Norwegian education is divided into three levels. Beginners, Intermediate and Higher Intermediate.

Are you planning a visit to Norway for study, travel or work? Are you interested in Norwegian culture? Norwegian language course will give you the basic language skills to make new friends and cope with everyday situations. It will also help you discover more about Norwegian society and culture.

Designed and built for everyone

Are you ready to take the first step to a new life? Join our courses and become fluent in Norwegian in a fun and interactive way. Our learning is based on materials that are easy to understand, meet our educators and become fluent in Norwegian and also have fun.

Norwegian Cultural Center collaborates with

Kristina Åbø

She was born in Norway, lived in Singapore for 7 years, and have spent the past 4 years living in the UK. She holds a master's degree in Human Rights, and have extensive teaching experience.

"I look forward to a fun course ahead!"

Preben Karlsen

He always loved to learn new languages and now he speaks fluently Italian and Spanish. He started teaching Norwegian years ago, helping people from all over the world to reach their goals. He found that most ways of learning are not effective and therefore decided to create something that can help a lot of people. 

Why should I take this course?

Weekly 45-minute Zoom session with other students and a mentor. Recommended apps for daily language learning use (both free and paid apps). Opportunity for in-person meetings.
With continuous enrolment you can start the subscription whenever you want, and you may also end the subscription whenever you want. 

There is a minimum number of 4 participants required for a new zoom session to be scheduled. Zoom sessions will be planned and agreed between the educator and the student.

Learning time for A1 is approximately 1 month, A2 2 months and B1 2+ months.

Our educators are fluent in Norwegian with extensive experience. Supplementing the speaking practice, we propose specific apps. Costs of apps are not included in your monthly subscription.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to contact other students at the Norwegian Cultural Center community for meet-ups.
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