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Price: KRW 19,900,228 

Technique: Digital Collage & Free Drawing

오늘의 꿈에 대하여.

About my dream today.

오른쪽 눈부터 몸손 전체가 말라가는 꿈.

가위란걸 알고있었고, 꿈에서도 아버지를 찾아갔으며

I had a dream that my whole hand was dry, starting with my right eye.

I knew it was a nightmare, and even in that dream I went to see my father.

기도소리와 숨막힘들

Ringing prayers and choking.

깨어남의 감사함을 느끼면서 드는건 나는 이런방식이 아니었을지도 모른단 것과

다시 스스로를 다져야함을 느끼는 순간.

As I felt the gratitude of waking up from my dream, 

I thought, 'I would not have been such a person.' And it was a moment when I felt that I had to strengthen my weak heart.


I am expressing personal abstractions on the subject of emotions I encounter in everyday life.

Among them, the light (positive mind, hope) that shines brightly even in the darkness of human beings (depression, sadness) is intensively expressed.

So all of my works have bright lights on a dark background. I want to spread this light to the world I face. I have 8 digital art stories, all of which can be found on my Instagram.

We are stained with each other.

My digital art name is Emotion Graphic.



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