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"RepYrposed paint spots"

Size: 40x40 cm
Price: 600,- EUR

Technique: Oil paint, paper and textile with handmade
wooden ghost frame
There were all this palette papers which I use to mix all my oil colors and for a long time i wanted to make something out of it, but still had no clue how exactly. It is my second intuitively done artwork, i just let my mind and hands free to do whatever feels right in the moment. I used some old thread’s which I felt kind of fitting to all this colors and material.


„How long does it take to make an artwork? - a whole lifetime! “

Creating an artwork is about so much more than just the actual work done on it. It is about our own story, growth, and reality.

YY – chronicle

My life journey has been taking me for exciting rides ever since it started in the crazy 80’s. Being a native Bulgarian, living and creating in Austria, I really enjoy thriving and breathing in different cultures and places. From a very early age I was stunned and humbled by the countless manifestations of beauty in nature.

mY Art, mY Mission

Moved deeply by the magnificence of nature, I felt motivated to create art that would help sustain it. Now more than ever before are we aware of how fundamental preserving our planet is. Packaging, delivery boxes, wrapping materials – it is unfortunate that they are so short-lived. Once their purpose is served, they turn into waste which is hardly recycled in most parts of the world. Guided by my inspiration and urge to support sustainability, I am using StrYctYre Paintings as means to turn “waste” into a work of art and hopefully to contribute to a greater impact to preserve nature.

Why StrYctYre Paintings?

The oil on canvas has never been enough to fully express my aesthetics and to envision the complete story I was willing to tell. While experimenting with different techniques to bring my ideas to life, the approach of mixing different structures and materials occurred to me. Structured surfaces have always appealed to me as the combination of various textures gives freedom of expression, which goes beyond the conventional.

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