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"The Sigh"

Size: ‪‪Initial size 2.30 meters x 1.80 meters, may vary the final price, to discuss.
Price:  starts at 18 000 €

Technique: Airbrush, acrylic, Print available on canvas if required and DM on purchase of originals.

Youna K.

« My name is Youna. I am a fashion illustrator and designer, born in Persia and raised in France. I once read in an ancient book of Persian poetry named "Rubayāt", from the great Persian poet Omar Khayyām, these lines, and it says it all :

“ Be happy for this moment, this moment is your Life. ”

So Live it. Feel it. Celebrate it. Enjoy it.

Wish you a great tour in Borderless Exhibit.
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