The Norwegian way of life

Norwegian culture is best described as a “hygge” culture. The word “hygge” is the Norwegian word for “coziness,” and it’s the feeling of comfort and well-being that the Norwegian experience is all about. The architecture and landscape of Norway lend themselves to the creation of cozy spaces, and the Norwegians are masters of creating and decorating such spaces. From the tactile quality of the candles, warm blankets, and soft furnishings to the songs, food, and drink, the Norwegians know how to create an atmosphere that promotes hygge.
Norway is also known for its strong cultural traditions, and one of the country’s most important cultural exports is its culture of hygge. The holiday tradition of hygge is a uniquely Norwegian experience, and a great way to learn about the country’s culture and traditions. This holiday experience is a great way to combine learning and fun, and it’s a great opportunity to experience a new culture. Whether you’ve got a week or a whole vacation to spare, there’s plenty of time to experience the best of Norway and to learn about its culture and traditions.
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