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The Norwegian landscape is one of the most spectacular and varied in Europe. With an endless number of locations, from mountains and fjords to small alpine valleys, you have the opportunity to shoot a movie with a truly unique and cinematic feel.
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Our latest projects

Nazar | Arjun Joul | Aruna Beniwal

Film production in Oslo June 2023, on national TV: NRK1

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We invite you to come and shoot your movie in Norway. We have great weather, beautiful landscapes and amazing stories. We offer the full production service including location scouting, casting and pre-production planning before filming.
— Shahroz Ali Khan, Producer NCC

Offering the best possible production services

  • Visa Invitations: Expert assistance in obtaining necessary visas for the production team

  • Accommodation: Arranging comfortable and convenient accommodations for your crew
  • Transport: Organizing reliable transportation to ensure smooth travel between locations
  • Permits and Licensing: Navigating through the complexities of permits and licenses required for filming in Norway

  • Location Management: Utilizing our local knowledge to secure the best shooting locations for your project.
  • Photography: Professional photography services to capture behind-the-scenes moments and promotional materials
  • Wrap Services: Ensuring a seamless wrap-up process at the conclusion of your shoot
  • Cash Rebate Application: Assistance in applying for cash rebates on local spend from the Norwegian Film Institute

Our comprehensive line producer services are designed to facilitate a successful and hassle-free production experience in Norway. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on bringing your creative vision to life.   Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support your project and make it a memorable success.

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Meet our Producer

Shahroz Ali Khan  

Shahroz Ali Khan is an entrepreneur and entertainment producer from Aligarh, and has worked with the who's who of the entertainment industry. Having been associated with various prominent projects in Bollywood and music videos featuring Sunny Leone, Navraj Hans, Ihana Dhillon, Neha Rana, Rajnish Duggal, Pooja Bisht, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Gajendra Verma to name a few, Shahroz has carved a place for himself in the entertainment industry and is presently a prominent name amongst producers. He has worked as an associate producer in the high budget Bollywood film Mushkil (2019). 
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Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi

Collaborating with Norwegian Embassies

At the Norwegian Cultural Center, we take pride in our strong and collaborative relationships with Norwegian embassies worldwide, ensuring smooth processes and effective communication for all our international endeavors.
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