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We are excited to offer you the opportunity to explore Norway's rich culture and history with our custom-made tours designed specifically for small groups. Our tours are tailored to your interests, ensuring that you have a truly unique and personal experience. Our team of experienced guides will take you on a journey through Norway's most iconic cultural sites, including ancient Viking settlements, traditional stave churches, and modern art museums. You'll also have the chance to witness traditional folk music and dance performances, sample local delicacies and learn about the country's rich heritage.
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Viking tour

Experience the rich history and culture of the Vikings in a unique and immersive 7-day tour through some of Norway's most iconic Viking sites, led by expert guides from the Norwegian Cultural Center
Day 1

Arrival in Oslo

Participants will arrive in Oslo and check into their hotel
Meet and greet with the tour guide and other participants at a welcome dinner in a traditional Norwegian restaurant.
Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of Norway while enjoying a meal of traditional Norwegian dishes.
Day 2

Viking Ship Museum and Oseberg Ship Burial

Visit to the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, where you will have the opportunity to see some of the best-preserved Viking ships in the world, including the Gokstad and Oseberg ships.
You will learn about the technology and artistry used to build these ships and how they were used in Viking society.
Then we'll take a guided tour of the Oseberg ship burial site, which is considered one of the most significant archaeological finds from the Viking Age.
Day 3

Lofotr Viking Museum and Borg Stave Church

Participants will take a ferry to Lofoten, where they will visit the Lofotr Viking Museum. This open-air museum is located on the site of a former Viking chieftain's farm and offers a hands-on experience of Viking life.
Participants will have the opportunity to explore reconstructed Viking buildings, learn about Viking food and clothing, and even try their hand at traditional Viking crafts.
Participants will then visit the Borg Stave Church, which is a wooden church built during the Viking Age. This church is considered an architectural wonder and is a testament to the skills and ingenuity of the Viking builders.
Day 4

Viking Trail

Participants will take a scenic drive along the Viking Trail, which takes visitors through some of the most historic Viking sites in Norway.
The route includes stops at places such as the Gokstad and Oseberg ship burials and the Urnes Stave Church.
Participants will learn about the history and culture of the Vikings and their impact on Norway and the world.
Day 5

Jorvik Viking Centre and Stave church

Participants will take a train or flight to Bergen and visit Jorvik Viking Centre. It is an interactive museum that provides an insight into the Viking Age from the perspective of the people who lived in Jorvik, which is the Viking name for York, England. Participants will also have the chance to visit the Fantoft Stave Church, built in the 12th century and considered one of the most beautiful and well-preserved stave churches.
Day 6

Trondheim and the Archbishop's Palace

Participants will take a train or flight to Trondheim, where they will visit the Archbishop's Palace Museum. The palace was built in the 12th century, and it is one of the best-preserved buildings from the Viking Age in Norway.
Participants will learn about the role of the church and the archbishops in the Viking society, and see the artifacts and remains found on the site.
Day 7


Participants will have free time to explore Trondheim or do some last-minute shopping before departing for home.
Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the tour and share their thoughts with the group and tour guide at a farewell dinner.
Participants will depart from Trondheim with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Viking history and culture.
It's worth noting that this is a rough program, and it can be adjusted to adapt to the specific needs and interests of the target customer. Also, it's important to note that the tour organizer, the Norwegian Cultural Center, will be responsible for arranging and reserving the activities and accommodation, and providing the tour guide.
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