Exploring the social impact of film and social media content creation on gender and race








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Verse Gallery
Pilestredet 41B, 0166 Oslo, Norway



15-18 APRIL 2023

Exp_SG Gallery

340A Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore
Favorite part of the exhibition? The talks, the interactive approach and of course the opportunity to showcase my art in Singapore and Oslo! 
— Bulgan
Thank you very much for inviting me and for being so kind and ready to help with everything! It was a good decision to come as I’ve met all the team. Olga and Jon are also amazing and we had a very nice time together. I met a few artists and the show was really great. The program was also nice organised with the conversations with different parts of the world, really borderless 😁.
— Lucia
The mixed realities, good to feel connected to different parts of the world.
— Grace Walsh

Beyond the Frame

Beyond the Frame

Beyond the Frame

Beyond the Frame

Beyond the Frame

Beyond the Frame

Beyond the Frame

Step into the world of "Beyond the Frame: Exploring the Social Impact of Social Media Content Creation on Gender and Race".

Our team has carefully curated a collection of visual art from a diverse group of artists. This art includes contemporary pieces and social media content creation that boldly tackle social and political issues surrounding gender and race, providing a powerful commentary on how these mediums have shaped our understanding of identity and culture.

This exhibition is not just about celebrating the past and present but also about looking to the future, offering a glimpse into how visual art can continue to drive the conversation forward and inspire positive change.
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