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Lønningspils Is Perfect For...

🌍 Norwegian Expats

Reconnect with your roots and feel closer to home

🤝 Networking Professionals

Expand your professional circle and explore new opportunities

🎉 Culture Enthusiasts

Immerse yourself in the rich Norwegian heritage and traditions

🗣️ Language Learners

Practice your Norwegian in a fun and sociable setting

💬 Community Seekers

Discover a warm, welcoming space to make new friends and share experiences
Lønningspils roughly translates to “salary beer”, or “payday beer”. It refers to colleagues going out for a beer, often on the day they get paid (or shortly thereafter).
  • Friends of Norway
  • Last Thursday, 6pm
  • FREE
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Welcome to Lønningspils:
Embrace Norwegian culture at the monthly Lønningspils gatherings. Held on the last Thursday of each month, these informal meetups are a blend of relaxation, culture, and community. Join us in cities worldwide for an evening of friendly conversation and cultural exchange.


Blue Balls Bike Cafe
44 Pasir Panjang Rd
Singapore 118504


Beer Garden
Zivko Cingo 5
Republic of Macedonia


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Why Join Lønningspils?

Embark on a unique journey with us every last Thursday of the month – a gathering where Norwegians and friends of Norway unite in various cities to celebrate culture, camaraderie, and new connections. Here's why you should not miss out:

🌟 Networking Hub:

Lønningspils is more than just an event; it's a vibrant community. Whether you're new to the circle or a regular, these gatherings are a perfect opportunity to mingle, build lasting relationships, and quickly become part of a welcoming community.

💼 Unlock Business Opportunities:

Engage in conversations that could open doors to new business ventures and collaborations. It's not just a social event; it's a platform for potential professional growth and partnerships.

🍻 Relax and Unwind:

After a long day, what's better than chilling out with a drink in good company? Lønningspils offers a laid-back atmosphere where you can de-stress and share laughs over a glass of your favorite beverage.

🗣️ Practice Your Norwegian:

For non-native speakers, Lønningspils is an ideal setting to practice and polish your Norwegian language skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

🇳🇴 Dive into Norwegian Culture:

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Norwegian culture and traditions. It's a chance to experience Norway's heritage, whether you're a local or just curious about this beautiful country.

🔍 Insider Tips & Ideas:

From practical advice like schooling options for your kids to fun holiday suggestions and information about local happenings, gain valuable insights from the community.
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Last Thursday of the month 6pm

For whom

Friends of Norway




How Lønningspils Works:

Enjoy Responsibly!

Lønningspils is all about relaxing and making new connections in a casual setting. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure everyone has a great time:
  • Your Tab: As part of respecting our host venues, we kindly ask that you purchase at least one drink during the event. This helps us maintain good relationships with the places that welcome us. Please note, there are no entry fees for Lønningspils events.
  • Inclusivity and Respect: Our gatherings are a space for meeting new friends and conversing in any language. We cherish inclusivity and respectful interactions. Our event hosts have the discretion to ensure this atmosphere is maintained and may refuse participation if necessary.
  • Personal Responsibility: You're responsible for your belongings and conduct. In the unlikely event of loss or theft, the community cannot be held accountable.
  • Photos and Videos: We love capturing the moments! Photos and videos taken during the event might be shared on our social networks and used for promotional purposes. If you prefer not to be photographed or filmed, just let our organizers know.
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