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Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, DAO

The Norwegian Cultural Center believes in a future based on borderless, transparent communication, where people own their own data and get rewarded for their engagement.
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Norwegian Cultural Center DAO

If you've ever dreamed of being part of a distributed, global and transparent non-profit, then this is your chance. We're currently moving from a structured organisation to a DAO, which means that everyone's opinion counts! DAOs give direct power to the people. Come help us work toward our mission by joining NCC DAO.

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We offer courses in Norwegian language, Norwegian culture, hybrid exhibitions, concerts, theatres and so much more.

Launch DAO

Norwegian Cultural Center to create and launch its DAO. Building the community is key, and this will be highly prioritised from the very beginning. Norwegian Cultural Center DAO will offer amazing benefits to early participants.

First DAO Project

The first out of many projects fully planned and executed in the DAO

Building the future of NCC

Regular code reviews and live sessions with tutors from the tech industry will give you the soft skills you need to get hired and succeed at work.

Community included

If you are feeling stuck or need help with something, we have a thriving community of professionals on our discussion forums who are happy to lend a hand. You won't find that anywhere else!
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