Skye Dental

Skye Dental is a boutique dental practice in the heart of the CBD in Singapore.

A match made in Scotland

“We are certainly driven by customer experience and we take the utmost care to look after our patients as a whole, not just their teeth”
Andrew Doig
As undergraduates in Glasgow, Dr Andrew and Dr May frequented the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland for their much-needed respites from studying. Though they went on to work and study in London, and later start a family in Dr May’s hometown here in Singapore, that tranquil Scottish island still holds a special place in their hearts. So, it was only fitting that their recently-opened dental clinic carries the namesake of the place they call the “epitome of beauty”. Set within a beautiful heritage shophouse at 38 Club Street, Skye Dental is a peaceful escape from the CBD’s hustle and bustle. The boutique clinic offers a wide range of services for adults and children including preventative care, restorative dentistry, orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign and braces, surgery, teeth-whitening solutions and more. Everything about Skye Dental is centred on making patients feel cosy and relaxed, no matter what treatments they come in for. “We are certainly driven by customer experience and we take the utmost care to look after our patients as a whole, not just their teeth,” say Dr Andrew and Dr May. “One of the ideas that drove our design of the clinic was that we spend most of the day here, so we wanted it to feel like a second home – and for patients to feel like they’re invited into our second home.” This focus is certainly reflected in everything from the booklined shelves and accompanying sofa, to the dentists’ patient and personable demeanours. “While we are a new business, we always strive to bring the best to our patients, from techniques and equipment to the dental care we provide. We will always invest back into the business for the sole purpose of making patients’ treatments more comfortable and more effective.”

The Norwegian connection

Dr Andrew and Dr May have close connections to Norway also. Dr Andrew’s parents, although Scottish, used to frequent Norway many times and fell in love with the country. Dr Andrew grew up in their Scottish family home at the peak of a hill in their village and even named their house Fjelltop. Dr May’s upbringing heavily involved Norwegian culture and traditions thanks to her Norwegian father, who first came to Singapore in the 1970s. The family moved to Norway for a short while when Dr May was little, but they then returned to Singapore where she attended school until Junior College level.  At age 18, Dr May returned to Norway, where she studied her International Baccalaureate at the Skagerak International School in Sandefjord. She fondly remembers the stories of Karius & Bactus and loves to tell the stories to their 2 small children also now.
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