AN INTERNATIONAL HYBRID EXHIBITION Where Art Meets Infinite Possibilities
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Experience a global journey of creativity, merging the tangible with the digital, held simultaneously in premier galleries across Oslo and Seoul
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About Exhibition


September 2023 edition titled “Momentum: The Art of Manifestation” invites attendees to question societal norms and self-imposed limitations, emphasizing the power of belief, self-confidence, and determination. Each piece is a testament to the innate ability to transform ideas into existence, illuminating the path from inspiration to realization.

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About Exhibition

Dates & Venues

7 - 10 September 2023
🇳🇴 VERSE Gallery
Pilestredet 41B, 0166 Oslo

🇰🇷 OFFLA Gallery
서울특별시 강남구 역삼동 746-11

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7 September - 7 October 2023
🌎 Online 3D Gallery
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About Exhibition


BORDERLESS, a 4-day immersive art exhibition, warmly invites all visual artists, from seasoned professionals to newcomers, reflecting our belief that art truly is for everybody. We provide an opportunity to expand your network and reach a global audience without the need to transport your physical artwork. Importantly, we believe in making art accessible to all - our exhibitions are open to the public free of charge. And the experience doesn't stop when you leave our spaces. We extend the art encounter with a 30-day accessible 3D gallery, making it a truly worldwide artistic affair.

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About Exhibition


2 Physical venues 
30 days online (3D gallery)
4 days physical exhibition
60+ artists from around the world
110 artworks
26+ nationalities joined
550k+ global reach

Past exhibitions Oslo & Manila, Oslo & Singapore
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